New Feature: Pipe Offset Calculator


Calculate the offset of your pipe, it will take off the 45° elbow or 22.5° elbow, give you an 1/8″ gap between the pipe and tell you the correct size pipe for your travel. You only need to know the run or the offset, the angle it is moving and the pipe size.



Features of the app

Features of the app:

  • Pipe Measurements for 90° elbows, 45° elbows, reducing elbows, and 180° return bends *In both short radius and long radius
  • Aluminum Filler Guide, Stainless Steel Filler Guide
  • Oxy Acetylene Cutting Tip Chart
  • Weld Joints
  • Belt Calculator for a 2-Pulley System
  • Welding News

Many more features will be added real soon.